Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins

Management buy-outs and buy-ins have more to do with a dream of an entrepreneur than with other factors.

First approach, value of the target business, how much to pay, how much money do you have to invest yourself: all important factors. If the entrepreneur or team doesn’t believe in the business and himself/themselves, not very much is going to happen.

Worried about confidentiality? Contact Archer Daniels Securities. Let us know about yourself, and the industry, sales, and profits of the business you would like to buy. We will tell you if we think there is a good chance of you getting a deal. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to us; we will tell you that as well. If we think it is a good opportunity we will send you a confidentiality letter so that you may feel comfortable about disclosing more information to us.

We know that investors are looking for companies with the following:

  • a high growth market
  • a world class management team
  • a must-have mission-critical offering
  • customers

If you fit the above description we will gladly assist you in achieving the funding that you seek.